How do I change Accountants?

If you are interested in changing accountants, please call us to arrange a meeting. The initial interview provides an opportunity to get to know each other. In particular, it allows us to get a better understanding of your needs and how we can satisfy those needs. If we agree that Otto & Partners should be appointed as your Accountant, we will advise your previous accountant and arrange to collect any information or doucments that they may be holding for you.

What accounting software do we recommend?

We usually recommend Xero for clients who prefer cloud-based software and MYOB for those who prefer desktop-based software. However, we are skilled in working with clients who use other accounting software such as:

  • Quickbooks
  • Industry-specific software
  • BankLink

How long will it take to complete my work?

When we receive your work we coordinate with you to ensure it is completed in a timely manner. On commencement of your work we will provide you with an anticipated completion date. In setting the completion date, we assume that any follow up information we need will be provided to us promptly. How do we charge?

In keeping with industry practice, our fees are based on the time taken to complete your work. We maintain timesheets on our Time & Billing system and at the completion of your work (or the end of the month) we prepare a fee based on the time spent to complete the work. Our hourly charge rates vary according to the degree of skill and acumen required to complete the work. Currently, our rates (including GST) range from $88 per hour to $264 per hour. These rates are subject to change in the future.

Will you quote me a fixed fee?

We do not ordinarily give fixed quotes because the nature of our work means we sometimes cannot estimate with accuracy how much time it will take to complete an assignment. For example, the quality of your record keeping and bookkeeping is often unknown to us at the time of commencing your work.

How do our fees compare with other Accountants?

The feedback we receive from our client’s indicates our fees represent value for money because of the proactive approach we take in minimising their tax and maximising their business profits.